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00-06-01 (00-134) http://www.ag.state.la.us/ShowDoc.asp?DocID=16548

Information held by a police department which is subject to a pending criminal litigation or which would reveal the source of confidential information is not a public record. Thus, the department is not required to disclose such information to the public (civil service board appeal hearing)


92-05-12 (92-172) http://www.ag.state.la.us/ShowDoc.asp?DocID=12861

The Municipal Fire and Police Civil Service Board has the authority to issue subpoenas and/or subpoenas duces tecum for pre-hearing purposes, and to fix and require the payment of reasonable costs for the issuance and service of such.


78-10-11 (78-1218) http://www.ag.state.la.us/ShowDoc.asp?DocID=3477

There is no specific time limit for an appointing authority to take disciplinary action.


78-08-04 (78-955) http://www.ag.state.la.us/ShowDoc.asp?DocID=3287

Civil Service Board does not have authority to order the destruction or removal of a letter of reprimand.


78-01-27 (78-62) http://www.ag.state.la.us/ShowDoc.asp?DocID=2649

Confirmation of Opinion # 77-1489 that civil service board cannot waive 15 day appeal under any circumstances.


77-12-12 (77-1489) http://www.ag.state.la.us/ShowDoc.asp?DocID=2404

R.S. 33:2561 allows an employee who is discharged or subjected to corrective or disciplinary action to demand in writing a hearing and investigation by the Fire & Police Civil Serv. Bd., which must be submitted within 15 days after the action. Said 15-day limit is peremptory and cannot be waived by the board. The Fire & Police Civil Serv. law does not charge anyone with responsibility of informing employees of their rights under said statute.