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94-09-28 (94-457)

Members of a Fire and Police Civil Service Board are prohibited from engaging in any political activity. Defines political activity - an effort to support or oppose the election of a candidate for political office or to support a particular political party in an election (LSA - Const. Art. X, Sec. 9.)
Also see AG #80-572 (05-07-80) http://www.ag.state.la.us/ShowDoc.asp?DocID=5367


83-07-20 (83-585)

Opinion precedes Cannatella v. Department of Civil Service, 592 So.2d 1374 (1992)

Participation in public meeting or convention by civil service employee violates statute only if participation amounts to violation of specifically enumerated prohibitions contained in statute. Classified employee may not indirectly take part in campaign for public office by belonging to organization that endorses or contributes to candidate(s) for public office. R.S.33:2504


83-03-24 (83-297)

Classified civil service employees may not engage in political activities.
"Broad Construction"


80-05-07 (80-572)

Political activity prohibited by civil service board members. Voter solicitation falls within the prohibitions of Article X, Sec. 9. Addresses the question of whether or not a board member could have run for political office six months prior to appointment. Because of the underlying principles of the civil service system and the inability to define “political club or organization” in R.S. 33:2476(B), they did not opine the scope of permissible or prohibited political activities of a prospective appointee to a c/s board - should be left for legislative clarification or judicial interpretation.


79-12-20 (79-1402)

Four nominees for board membership must originate from institution of higher education, not from the council.

Board members not appointed in strict compliance with law are nevertheless defacto members.

Voters league is factional political organization; members ineligible to serve on board.
G.A. may not submit names to college president.