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97-02-17 (97-39) http://www.ag.state.la.us/ShowDoc.asp?DocID=15292

1. Use of promotional test scores to break tie between eligible candidates who share identical seniority is not illegal.
2. Civil Service Board cannot change the way seniority is calculated. Seniority begins to accrue on the date when an employee has been permanently confirmed and seniority does not change unless an employee resigns or is terminated.
3. Clarifies law on substitute appointments. Under 30 days anyone the AA deems qualified. Over 30 days made in accordance with R.S. 33:2554 or 33:2494.


81-11-02 (81-1184)

Promotions are based on total seniority, not seniority in next lower grade.


80-10-27 (80-990)

Seniority should be computed from last date an employee was last regularly and permanently appointed; time with district from which employee resigned should not be included.


79-12-04 (79-980A)

Seniority begins upon confirmation.


79-07-20 (79-628)

Fire and police civil service board may not adopt a promotional scheme which reduces the significance given to seniority under the constitution of 1921.
Article X, Sec. 17 & 18, LA Constitution of 1974 and R.S. 33:2494.

78-03-14 (78-257)

Determination of who among those of same rank will be shift supervisor rests with chief without regard for time in rank or total departmental seniority.

77-10-19 (77-1446)

An employee who loses time through suspension may not legally work extra time without pay to make up lost time and seniority credit.


77-09-20 (77-1301)

Computation for seniority begins when the employee is regularly and permanently employed. The civil service board may not make exceptions in dealing with seniority questions.
R.S. 33:2473 (18),(20), 33:2495


77-07-22 (77-988)

Probationary employees of the municipal fire and police civil service may be made permanent employees at different intervals and seniority of a municipal fire employee is the total employment beginning with the last date on which he was regularly and permanently appointed.
R.S. 33:2473 (18),(20), 33:2495


77-07-05 (77-963)

Employees under the Municipal Fire and Police Civil Service Law who are suspended and thereupon return immediately following the expiration of suspension shall not be given 'seniority credit for the period of such suspension, in any computation of 'seniority.'