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§1981.1. Financial security for surviving spouses and children of firemen; death by heart attack or stroke; presumption

A. In addition to the qualifying events enumerated in R.S. 33:1981, a fireman whose death is the direct and proximate result of a heart attack or a stroke
shall be presumed to have died as the direct and proximate result of an injury sustained in the performance of his official duties for the purposes of R.S. 33:1981

(1) While on duty, the fireman engaged in an activity which was stressful or physical including but not limited to fire suppression, rescue, hazardous material
response, emergency medical services, disaster relief, or other emergency response activity, or participated in a training exercise that involved stressful or strenuous physical activity.

(2) The fireman died as a result of a heart attack or stroke suffered while engaging or participating, or on duty after engaging or participating, in the activities
or exercises described in Paragraph (1) of this Subsection or no later than twenty-four hours after engaging or participating in the activities or exercises described in
Paragraph (1) of this Subsection.

B. The presumption created by this Section shall be irrebuttable despitemedical evidence to the contrary.

C. The surviving spouse and children of a fireman whose death meets the requirements under Subsection A of this Section shall be eligible for the payment of
benefits enumerated in R.S. 33:1981.

D. Payment of benefits pursuant to this Section shall be made according to the provisions of R.S. 33:1981 and shall be subject to review by the Law Enforcement Officers and Firemen's Survivor Benefit Review Board.

E. Payments pursuant to this Section shall be made by the state risk manager from the Self-Insurance Fund provided for in R.S. 39:1533.

The Municipal Fire and Police Civil Service Law was amended as a result of the 2014 Regular Legislative Session. As of this writing, the web sites of both the Legislature of the State of Louisiana and West Group (West Law) have not posted the civil service law in its final amended form. However, we have added the above section to reflect the changes in the law. The additions are temporarily underlined, and upon verification with the final publication of the law, will be incorporated into the existing language.