Legislative Session 2010

Municipal Fire & Police Legislation


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Bill ID




HB 392 HARDY RETIREMENT/STATE-STWIDE: Relative to state and statewide retirement systems, prohibits certain members who are reemployed after retirement from receiving retirement benefits or accruing additional benefits ASSIGNED TO HOUSE RETIREMENT
Considered on 4/15/2010
(Meeting Adjourned)
SB 594 B.GAUTREAUX RETIREMENT SYSTEMS: Relative to public retirement systems, provides relative to investments. SIGNED BY THE GOVERNOR
ACT 1004
SB 632 B.GAUTREAUX RETIREMENT BENEFITS: Provides a regular schedule for permanent benefit increases for retirees of the state retirement systems. ASSIGNED TO SENATE RETIREMENT
Considered on 5/17/2010
(Meeting Adjourned)
SB 704 SHAW RETIREMENT SYSTEMS: Provides relative to military service credit and compliance with the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act of 1994 SIGNED BY THE GOVERNOR
ACT 1010