Legislative Session 2010

House Bills  Municipal Fire & Police Legislation


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Bill ID




HB1 FANNIN APPROPRIATIONS: Provide for the ordinary operating expenses of state government for Fiscal Year 2010-2011 SIGNED BY THE GOVERNOR
ACT 11
HB 419 BARROW LAW ENFORCE/OFFICERS: Provides for training on the handling and use of electronic control devices SIGNED BY THE GOVERNOR
ACT 578
HB 562 BALDONE LAW ENFORCE/OFFICERS: Expands the crime of disarming a peace officer to include the taking of all forms of law enforcement equipment SIGNED BY THE GOVERNOR
ACT 820
HB 1030 ST.GERMAIN HEALTH/EMERG MED SERVICE: Provides with respect to certain public employees who render emergency medical services SIGNED BY THE GOVERNOR
ACT 935
HB 1226 SMILEY BOARDS/COMMISSIONS: Provides for the abolition of certain boards and commissions SIGNED BY THE GOVERNOR
ACT 743
HB 1297 WHITE CIVIL SERVICE/FIRE & POL: Provides relative to the qualifications of certain members appointed to municipal fire and police civil service boards SIGNED BY THE GOVERNOR
ACT 627
HB 1307 R.JONES PUBLIC MEETINGS: Requires a public comment period for each item on a public body's agenda prior to the vote on the item SIGNED BY THE GOVERNOR
ACT 850
HB 1363 KLECKLEY CIVIL SERVICE/FIRE & POL: Provides that the position of deputy chief of police is in the unclassified service SIGNED BY THE GOVERNOR
ACT 748