Legislative Session 2011

House Bills  Municipal Fire & Police Legislation


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Bill ID




HB1 FANNIN APPROPRIATIONS: Provide for the ordinary operating expenses of state government for Fiscal Year 2011-2012 SIGNED BY THE GOVERNOR
ACT 12
HB91 ROY DISTRICTS/FIRE PROTECT: Abolishes the Rapides Parish Tri Fire Protection District SIGNED BY THE GOVERNOR
ACT 68
HB92 TALBOT CIVIL SERVICE/FIRE & POL: Provides relative to the position of assistant chief of police in the city of Harahan SIGNED BY THE GOVERNOR
ACT 247
HB213 DOERGE RETIREMENT/MUNICIPAL POL: Requires the repayment of refunds prior to approval of disability retirement SIGNED BY THE GOVERNOR
ACT 231
HB214 DIXON RETIREMENT/MUNICIPAL POL: Allows a member to designate a trustee for survivor benefits payable to a child SIGNED BY THE GOVERNOR
ACT 82
HB332 PEARSON RETIREMENT/STATE-STWIDE: Relative to the Municipal Employees' Retirement System (MERS), the Municipal Police Employees' Retirement System (MPERS), and the Firefighters' Retirement System (FRS), implements the recommendations of the Funding Review Panel by providing for board membership, benefit calculation, maintaining employer contribution rates at certain amounts, and employee contribution rates SIGNED BY THE GOVERNOR
ACT 238
HB333 DANAHAY FIRE PROTECT/FIRE DEPTS: Provides relative to the maximum work hours required of certain employees of the Lake Charles Fire Dept. SIGNED BY THE GOVERNOR
ACT 274
HB352 ST.GERMAIN RETIREMENT/FIREFIGHTERS: Changes the sunset date on a member's option to convert from regular retirement to disability retirement so as to retain the option for an additional five years SIGNED BY THE GOVERNOR
ACT 277
HB374 RICHARDSON LOCAL OFFL/POLICE CHIEFS: Provides relative to the powers granted to elected police chiefs in municipalities governed by the Lawrason Act SIGNED BY THE GOVERNOR
ACT 282
HB404 ELLINGTON RETIREMENT/STATE EMPS: Provides for the purchase of credit for certain federal service SIGNED BY THE GOVERNOR
ACT 355
HB571 ROBIDEAUX RETIREMENT/STATE SYSTEMS: Relative to state retirement systems, makes changes to provisions affected by Act 992 of the 2010 Regular Session SIGNED BY THE GOVERNOR
ACT 368