Legislative Session 2013

House Bills  Municipal Fire & Police Legislation







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HB 1 FANNIN APPROPRIATIONS:  Provides for the ordinary operating expenses of state government for Fiscal Year 2013-2014 Pending in Conference Committee (House)
HB20 MONTOUCET RETIREMENT/FIREFIGHTERS:  Provides for a five-year Deferred Retirement Option Plan for certain members of the Firefighters' Retirement System Pending House Retirement - Considered 05-08-13
HB25 PIERRE RETIREMENT/FIREFIGHTERS:  Provides for the conversion of unused sick and annual leave to retirement credit for members of the Firefighters' Retirement System Pending Senate Retirement
HB44 HAZEL PUBLIC RECORDS:  Provides an exception to confidentiality provisions of public records law for requests made by specified entities for certain information in personnel records of certain public employees Sent to Governor
HB57 PEARSON RETIREMENT/STATE SYSTEMS:  Provides relative to the actuarial liabilities of state retirement systems Pending House Retirement considered 05-02-13
HB58 FOIL RETIREMENT/MUNICIPAL POL:  Provides relative to the definition of "employee" for the Municipal Police Employees' Retirement System

Sent to Governor

HB60 TALBOT RETIREMENT/STATE-STWIDE:  Relative to state and statewide retirement systems, prohibits certain members who are reemployed after retirement from receiving retirement benefits or accruing additional benefits

Subject to call - House floor

HB61 BADON RETIREMENT/STATE-STWIDE:  Provides relative to the calculation of benefits for members of state and statewide retirement systems Pending House Retirement scheduled 05-15-13
HB63 ROBIDEAUX RETIREMENT/COLAS:  Approves a cost-of-living adjustment for retirees of each state retirement system Withdrawn from the files of the House - prior to introduction
HB68 PEARSON RETIREMENT/STATE SYSTEMS:  Relative to the retirement of persons employed in state government positions on or after July 1, 2013 Substitute adopted on the House floor (becames HB729)
HB101 HARRISON TREASURER:  (Constitutional Amendment) Provides for the duties of the treasurer in certain circumstances Withdrawn from the files of the House
HB204 DOVE FIRE PROTECT/FIREMEN:  Provides relative to the governing board of the Bayou Cane Fire Protection District

Sent to Governor

HB244 LORUSSO LAW ENFORCE/OFFICERS:  Provides with respect to release of personal information of law enforcement officers Pending House Judiciary considered 05-02-13
HB287 DANAHAY DISTRICTS/FIRE PROTECT:  Increases the maximum per diem authorized to be paid to fire protection district board members in Calcasieu Parish Sent to Governor
HB288 LEBAS DISTRICTS/FIRE PROTECT:  Provides for the board of commissioners of the Ward 5 Fire Protection District of the Parish of Evangeline Sent to Governor
HB308 ADAMS PUBLIC MEETINGS:  Provides relative to public meetings of parish and municipal governing authorities Sent to the Governor
HB339 BERTHELOT FIRE PROTECT/FIRE MARSHAL:  Allows the use of public funds for length of service awards programs established by fire protection districts, municipal fire departments, or volunteer fire departments for volunteer firefighters Sent to Governor
HB382 BERTHELOT FIRE PROTECT/FIRE MARSHAL:  Creates a Volunteer Firefighter's Tuition Reimbursement program Signed by the Speaker
HB387 SCHRODER ETHICS/CODE:  Protects public employees from reprisal for providing information to a legislator or legislative committee upon request Pending Senate and Governmental Affairs scheduled 05-29-13
HB399 DANAHAY CIVIL SERVICE/FIRE & POL:  Provides relative to the offices of state examiner and deputy state examiner of the municipal fire and police civil service House adopted Conference Committee Report
HB 435 SEABAUGH BUDGETARY CONTROLS: (Constitutional Amendment) Provides relative to the budget process

Pending Senate Finance - scheduled 05-30-13

HB 436 GAROFALO BUDGETARY PROCEDURES:  (Constitutional Amendment) Provides relative to final passage of the general appropriation bill
Pending Senate Finance - scheduled 05-30-13
HB 437 HARRIS BUDGETARY CONTROLS: Provides with respect to the development of the budget Pending in Conference Committee (House)
HB454 LANDRY PUBLIC MEETINGS:  Provides relative to meetings of public bodies Pending House and Governmental Affairs
HB469 ADAMS FIRE PROTECT/FIREMEN:  Provides with respect to immunity from liability for volunteer firemen

Sent to Governor

HB554 GAROFALO DISTRICTS/FIRE PROTECT:  Creates the Fort Pike Fire Protection District in Orleans Parish Sent to Governor
HB663 HARRIS CIVIL SERVICE/FIRE & POL:  Provides relative to certain employment lists established and maintained by the municipal fire and police civil service board and provides for the removal of employees during the working test period Sent to Governor
HB729 PEARSON RETIREMENT/STATE SYSTEMS:  Relative to the cash balance plan for certain state employees Subject to call - House final passage
HCR2 HARRISON RETIREMENT/STATE SYSTEMS:  Suspends provisions of law providing for the Cash Balance Plan in certain retirement systems
Sent to the Secretary of State
HCR5 FOIL CONSTITUTION/CONVENTION:  Creates a commission to study the feasibility of a constitutional convention and make recommendations relative thereto Pending Senate and Governmental Affairs