Legislative Session 2014

Senate Bills  Municipal Fire & Police Legislation







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Bill ID




SB 4 Barrow Peacock FIREFIGHTERS RETIREMENT:  Provides benefits for members hired on or after January 1, 2015.

Involuntarily Deferred in House Retirement

SB 6 Danny Martiny FIREFIGHTERS RETIREMENT:  Adds an additional retiree representative to the board of trustees.

Pending House Retirement

SB 13 Barrow Peacock RETIREMENT SYSTEMS:  Provides for use of entry age normal valuation method by the State Employees' Retirement System and the Teachers' Retirement System.

Act 571

SB 18 Elbert L. Guillory STATE EMPLOYEE RET:  Grants a permanent benefit increase to eligible retirees in accordance with statutory procedure.

Act 102

SB 22 Elbert L. Guillory RETIREMENT SYSTEMS:  Dedicates certain revenue to fund the unfunded accrued liabilities of and post-retirement benefit increases for the four state systems. Pending Senate Finance
SB 26 Elbert L. Guillory RETIREMENT SYSTEMS:  Provides for the assessment of employer contributions to fund certain administrative expenses.

Pending Senate Finance

Scheduled for April 7th

SB 27 Mike Walsworth STATE EMPLOYEE RET:  Provides for a supplemental benefit increase.

Pending Senate Retirement

Scheduled for March 31st

SB 30 Patrick Page Cortez STATE EMPLOYEE RET:  Provides for technical corrections.

Act 852

SB 68 Robert Kostelka WEAPONS:  Provides relative to possession of a firearm by concealed handgun permit holders and law enforcement officers in certain alcoholic beverage establishments. Pending Senate Judiciary B
SB 186 Fred H. Mills, Jr. CIVIL SERVICE:  Provides relative to the city of New Iberia municipal fire and police civil service system board.

Act 686

SB 245 Dan Morrish ETHICS:  Prohibits a parish or municipal governing authority from appointing more than one member of any immediate family to the same board or commission.

Act 696

SB 285 Jean-Paul J. Morrell FUNDS/FUNDING:  Constitutional amendment to provide for the inclusion of municipally employed EMS practitioners in the list of those eligible for state supplemental pay.

Pending Senate Finance

Scheduled for May 5th

SB 294 Jean-Paul J. Morrell LAW ENFORCEMENT:  Provides relative to rights of law enforcement officers while under investigation.

Act 859

SB 361 Neil Riser LAW ENFORCEMENT:  Provides for the carrying of concealed weapons by certain law enforcement officers in all public places.

Act 603

SB 411 Jean-Paul J. Morrell FUNDS/FUNDING:  Provides for state supplemental pay for certain EMS practitioners.

Pending Senate Finance

Scheduled for May 5th

SB 549 Rick Gallot LOCAL EMPLOYEES:  Provides relative to the wages for firefighters.

Act 869

SB 564 Fred H. Mills, Jr. MUNICIPALITIES:  Provides for position of deputy chief of police for the city of St. Martinville.

Act 583