Legislative Session 2015



Louisiana State Employees Retirement Legislation



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Bill ID




HB 40 Randal L. Gaines RETIREMENT CREDIT:  Authorizes the purchase of military service credit for vesting purposes in statewide retirement systems

Pending House retirement

Scheduled for April 30

HB 42 Sam Jones RETIREMENT/COLAS:  Authorizes payments funded by state retirement system experience accounts to certain retirees and beneficiaries of such systems

Notice given Subject to call - House concurrence

Scheduled for June 11

HB 45 Kevin Pearson RETIREMENT/STATE SYSTEMS:  Provides relative to implementation of new age sixty-two retirement eligibility for new hires in state systems

Subject to call - House final passage

Scheduled for June 11

SB 14 Elbert L. Guillory RETIREMENT SYSTEMS:  Provides for determination of employer contributions. (6/30/15)

Pending Senate Retirement

Scheduled to be heard April 20th

SB 16 Elbert L. Guillory RETIREMENT SYSTEMS:  Provides for application of excess investment earnings of the state retirement systems. (2/3 - CA10s29) (6/30/15)

Subject to call - Senate concurrence

Scheduled for June 11