Legislative Session 2002

House Bills  Municipal Fire & Police Legislation


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Bill ID



HB 132

TAX/INSURANCE PREMIUM: Authorizes local governments to impose an assessment against all insurers to support public safety Substitute Adopted on the House Floor 5/21/02-- Becomes HB 266
HB 203
APPROPRIATIONS/SUPPLEMENTAL: Provides for supplemental appropriations for FY2001-2002 (Firefighter's Retirement Fund) ACT 82

HB 262
(R Carter)

DISTRICTS/FIRE PROTECT: Authorizes fire protection districts in parishes with a population between 99,000 and 103,000 to levy and collect sales and use taxes not to exceed one-half of one percent, subject to voter approval ACT 26
HB 266
TAX/INSURANCE LICENSE:  Provides an increase in licensing taxes for the year 2002  

(Substitute for HB132)

ACT 83