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For your convenience the following links to applications are provided which allow you to print and manually complete applications for submission to the appropriate local jurisdiction.  For additional information regarding applications, please see the approproate section below.

Competitive Application

Promotional Application

Competitive and Promotional Applications

These application forms are used by MOST local jurisdictions; however, each jurisdiction sets its own application requirements.  You should contact the jurisdiction to which you are applying to verify actual application requirements.  A contact person for each civil service board is provided for your convenience under Local Jurisdiction Information.

Please do not send your completed competitive or promotional application to the Office of State Examiner. You must submit your completed competitive or promotional  application to the civil service board where you wish to take an examination.


Important Notes for Competitive Applications:

The Kenner Municipal Fire and Police Civil Service Board will not accept applications from this website, or any copy of an application.  All applicants to the Kenner board are required to obtain applications directly from the Kenner Municipal Fire and Police Civil Service Board.



Competitive and Promotional Applications
Entrance Firefighter
Entrance Police Officer
Entrance Police Communications
Entrance Fire Communications
Fire Chief
Police Chief